About Us

It’s an interesting story about how riskless real estate came into existence. Me (Saurabh Chharia) being an IT Professional working in TCS was busy in my routine lifestyle never bothered about savings or investments just spending whatever i used to earn.

When I jumped into Corporate Training Business part-time along with my job in TCS I happened to meet many successful business owners and became nice friends with them. One thing which was common among all these successful rich people was that they are investing in assets, specifically real estate, and they used to recommend that I must learn and invest in real estate.

Then in 2017 I finally resigned from my job and started a very successful full-time training business at Hyderabad named “Saurabh Chharia’s Academy” and became one of the TOP 3 Public Speaking Trainers in India. In my free time, I started gathering little information about real estate through youtube videos and the internet and did a couple of investments but I found there were lots of questions that were unanswered and no one talked about them.

So I thought, being a speaker myself, why don’t I start gathering correct information from experts and start sharing it with people just like me who want to invest but don’t know how to do it.

That’s how the “Riskless Real estate” youtube channel was born and thanks to all your love our channel grew really fast and I started getting lots of requests  from my subscribers and viewers to help them in buying a riskless property but i never had a plan to do it but as they requested i started finding nice projects for them and started recommending them what i liked and that’s how slowly Real Estate Consulting started. The volumes kept increasing so finally I decided to start a professional consulting service along with education which would help many investors.

I have collaborated with senior real estate professionals, legal advisors and good companies to give you the best service.

That’s the story behind the birth of riskless real estate. If you are looking to get some professional guidance before making a buying decision in hyderabad you can consult us.

About Saurabh Chharia

  • One of the Top Public Speaking Coaches in India who works with politicians and professionals.

  • Author of Confidence Motion- From Stage Fear to Stage Awesome

  • Trained people from 20+ countries

  • Certified NLP Practitioners

  • Have a Million + Views on my Youtube Videos