HMDA Master Plan- ORR Exits – West- South – East – North Hyderabad Explained

To make a better investment choice in Hyderabad, it’s important to understand Hyderabad city in an better way first. HMDA Master Plan is a perfect plan to refer to understand the upcoming areas according to the government of Telangana and based on that we can make our investment decisions.To explain the same I have recorded this video please watch to get all the details about HMDA Masterplan.

In this video, we have talked about HMDA 2031 Plan and how to use it. All the key zones where we can invest in a plot in explained. All The highways of Hyderabad are explained. Mumbai Highway, Bangalore Highway, Sagar Highway, Srisialam Highway, Warangal Highway, Nagapur Highway all highways are explained in detail.

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